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Photo Gallery

SOBRA, Gornja Radgona

At the SOBRA fair in Gornja Radgona, Slovenia, in September 2010, the Iskra Sistemi company was among 110 exhibitors from 11 countries. The fair was addressed to business and professional visitors from Slovenia and from the broader European sphere. The fair objectives included the promotion of the skills, equipment and performance of the Slovenian armed forces and of the civil protection service in the fields of protection, rescuing and aid in circumstances of natural and other disasters.

Hannover Messe 2010 v Nemčiji

At their stand at the Hannover Messe 2010 in Germany, the Iskra Group member companies presented the latest products in their production programmes.

Reception of the award

Reception of the award for the innovative proposal for the process of protection of capacitor coils by epoxy resin. The awarded innovators are Franc Plevnik, Jure Kobe and Marjan Vivoda.

Iskrini inovatorji

Franci Štupar, chairman of the Quality and Innovation Section of the Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela krajina, Stanko Kambič, Jože Matjašič, Damjan Mohorič, assistant director of Iskra Kondenzatorji, Dušan Peganc, head of the Iskra Kondenzatorji innovation board, and Jože Colarič, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela krajina. The awarded innovators are Stanko Kambič, Jože Matjašič, Rajko Vrlinič, Velimir Ramuščak, Silvo Rožman and Darko Schweiger.


Franci Štupar, chairman of the Quality and Innovation Section of the Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela krajina, Damjan Mohorič, assistant director of Iskra Kondenzatorji, Dušan Peganc, head of the Iskra Kondenzatorji innovation board, and Jože Colarič, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela krajina.

Light+Building trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany

In April 2010, Iskra exhibited products from its range at the Light+Building trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany. The turnout of visitors was excellent.

Iskra’s expert Bojan Domijanić

Iskra’s expert Bojan Domijanić performs measurements at minus 13 degrees Celsius on a telecommunication tower on the Butovec hill near Prishtina in Kosovo.

SparkWave SDR

The photo shows the old and the new external unit of radio links. The new external unit SparkWave SDR on the right (round, with Iskra logo) replaced after testing the old external unit SparkWave G (rectangle with Transmission marking).


In December 2009, the Iskra Sistemi production premises saw the final measurements of the radio-relay equipment in the scope of the Vyborg project for the Russian utility Gazprom.

Dr. Danilo Türk, President of the Republic of Slovenia

Dr. Danilo Türk, President of the Republic of Slovenia, was received in Iskra Kondenzatorji by Mr. Dušan Šešok, president of the Iskra Management board, and Mag. Robert Srabotič, president of the Iskra Kondenzatorji Management board.

Ivan Bukovec, mayor of the municipality of Semič

Ivan Bukovec, mayor of the municipality of Semič, Damjan Mohorič, member of the Iskra Kondenzatorji Management board, Anton Papež, executive director of Iskra Kondenzatorji and Dr. Danilo Türk, President of the Republic, entering the conference room.

the capacitor production process

Dr. Danilo Türk, President of the Republic (in the centre) followed the with keen interest the explanation of the capacitor production process by Mr. Damjan Mohorič.

proizvodnjo kondenzatorjev

Robert Srabotič (at the right) explained the operation of the automated capacitor production line to Dr. Danilo Türk, President of the Republic.

The Šentvid tunnel

The Šentvid tunnel inlet connection tube (shown here in the construction phase) was fitted with traffic control equipment and the control-monitoring system by Iskra Sistemi.

Vojko Kovič

At the 23rd telecommunications workshop VITEL at Brdo pri Kranju, Vojko Kovič of Iskra Sistemi presented his paper Multiservice Background Microwave Radio and was met by a vivid interest among the professional public.

Rebernice 2

At the Razdrto – Vipava highway leg, Iskra Sistemi furnished and installed electrical and mechanical equipment for the cut-and-cover sections Rebernice 1 (length 110 metres) and Rebernice 2 (length 300 metres).

Tunnels Podnanos

For the Razdrto – Vipava highway leg, which was inaugurated on August 13, Iskra Sistemi furnished electric and mechanical equipment for both tunnels Podnanos, approx. 600 metres in length.

The Barnica Tunnel

Iskra Sistemi furnished the Barnica tunnel – approximately 300 metres in length – with traffic controls and with a traffic control and monitoring system.


Valve – a crucial component of the fire-protection system

Cable concentrator

Cable concentrator supplied by Iskra Sistemi to the Elektro Turnšek company of Celje.

transformator Iskr MIS

A seven tonne 1.25 MVA rated capacity testing transformer is installed in the Iskra MiS measurement laboratory.

Strokovnjaki Kosovskih železnic

Kosovo Railways experts attended a training course at Iskra Sistemi, to obtain knowhow for the operation and remote control of railway traffic.

Mednarodni mejni prehod Rigonce

Iskra Sistemi fitted the Rigonce international border crossing with new traffic control and monitoring systems.

Izobraževanje za TRIS CTC Kamnik

Maintenance personnel and traffic control officers to operate the TRIS CTC railway traffic control system at the Kamnik railway station acquired knowledge and skills at training workshops at Iskra Sistemi.

Bolgarski inženirji na šolanju v Iskri Sistem

The Bulgarian RoCon company system engineers during their ten-day training in Iskra Sistemi.

Finale Olimpija : Elektra Sotech v Laškem

In Iskra, we know that sport promotes healthy and quality life style.

Finale pokal Spar

Iskra is a sponsor of the Slovenian national basketball team and national Olympics team.

Pokal Spar

Throughout its 60 years of operation, Iskra has been among important contributors to general social harmony.

Iskra na sejmu Hannover Messe 2009

Iskra experts provided information to the visitors and presented technical characteristics of Iskra production and sales product ranges.

Hannover Messe 09

Iskra booth enjoyed a highly satisfactory turnout of visitors all the Hannover Messe fair days. In May, first business talks took place in Iskra with partners the contacts with whom were first established at the fair.

Hannover Messe 2009

Iskra MIS and Iskra Kondenzatorji exhibited their latest products at the Hannover Messe in Germany, on 20-24 April 2009.

Proizvodna linija filtrov KPL

With the new PKL 35xx type filter assembly line, Iskra Kondenzatorji achieved a higher level of automation and a significant improvement of the product quality, to meet the high standards demanded by its customers like Bosch-Siemens GmbH, Miele & Cie GmbH, Whirlpool Whirlpool Europe etc.

linija za montažo filtrov v Iskri Kondenzatorjih

The KPL 35xx type LC-filter assembly line in Iskra Kondenzatorji is an in-house achievement (the entire design-construction-implementation process). The KPL 35xx filters reduce radiofrequency interference in household appliances.

Izobraževalna delavnica v Iskri Kondenzatorjih

Occasionally, other colleagues, responsible for working processes, which are of crucial importance for quality production, participate in the internal training, intended mostly for marketing officers.

Izobraževanje v Iskri Kondenzatorjih

There is a relaxed atmosphere in the internal training workshops of Iskra Kondenzatorji sales executives, which contributes to an open mutual dialogue.


The winners of this year’s Iskra’s Prof. V. Bedjanič Awards (from left to right): Dr. Mitja Nemec, Žiga Majdič, Tadej Petrič, Dr. Tine Marčič and Leopold Herman.

Nagrajenci, mentorji in člani komisije

After the award ceremony, award winners, mentors, professors and members of the Committee stepped in front of a camera to record the event.

Prof. Ogorelec in dr. Nemec

Prof. Anton Ogorelec, chairman of the award Committee presented Iskra’s Prof. V. Bedjanič Award to Dr. Mitja Nemec for the best doctoral thesis which he has defended at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Maribor.

Predsednik D. Šešok

The main speaker at the ceremony, Dušan Šešok, president of the Management Board of Iskra, congratulated the young winners of Iskra’s Prof. V. Bedjanič Awards and wished them many successes.

Nagrajenci v prvi vrsti

The award ceremony for Prof. Vratislav Bedjanič Awards was also attended by mentors and professors, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and families of awarded students.

podelitev Nagrad

The award ceremony for Prof. Vratislav Bedjanič Awards granted by Iskra each December for the best academic papers and graduation theses to students of Slovenian electro-engineering schools was hosted by Jože Pukl.

R. Martinjak s študenti

Romana Martinjak from Iskra MIS answered the students’ questions about job opportunities.

sejem JobFair 2008

A well designed Iskra MIS stand at the JobFair 2008.

Inovator Jernej Bajželj

The innovator of the first three quarters of 2008 Jernej Bajželj shall be given a monetary award by the Managing Director of the company Iskra MIS, Robert Srabotič, M.Sc., in the presence of Rajko Žerovnik, the Director of Quality Sector.

Sejem kariera

Job-seekers who visited the Kariera 08 fair which took place at the end of November at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, discussed about employment opportunities in the Iskra Group companies with the representatives of Iskra.

varčno z energijo

In the Iskra Kondenzatorji company in Semič a neat panel was arranged to point out the economical energy management.

avtomat za vstavljanje priključkov

In the field of automation of production processes, the Iskra MIS company has installed an automatic machine for the production of IK connectors to the contactor production programme.


Few months ago the mechanical calibration laboratory of the Iskra MIS company bought a new three-dimensional measuring machine Oxalis intended for measuring component and tools dimensions in the field of CNC measuring.

Dijaki srednje tehnične šole

Before they visited the production plants of the Iskra MIS company students of the Secondary Electrotechnical School from Novo mesto had attended its preliminary presentation.

Testiranje MAK

The experts from Macedonian Railways and Ignacij Golob from Iskra (first from the right) during the testing of the equipment for TRIS CTC remote rail control traffic system on the Tabanovci-Gevgelija railwaye in Macedonia.

skupina pred startom

On Saturday morning the ‘cycling expedition’ of Iskra MIS gathered and set out towards Jezersko.

sejem Tehnike v Beogradu

Iskra was represented at the Fair of Technique in Belgrade.

ob turbinah

A representative of Iskra, Iztok Birkelbach, (first from the left) and the HE Jablanica director, Vedad Korelić, next to the turbines inside the HE Jablanica hydroelectric power station located underground.

Center vodenja Sarajevo

Iskra Sistemi upgraded the LFC system in CUP Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Varnost v cestnem prometu

Iskra Sistemi as a socially accountable company has been conventionally cooperating with the Slovene Road Safety Council in the municipality of Ljubljana, where many activities are performed for general road safety and especially for the safety of the youngest participants in traffic.

Mateja Pintar

Mateja Pintar, a scholarship-holder of Iskra (via Olympic Committee of Slovenia), gold medallist in table tennis at the Paraolympics in Athens and bronze medallist in Paraolympics in Beijin.


Iskra MIS has certified its quality.


An article by a senior lecturer, dr. Ivan Polajnar, from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana was published in the Welding in the world, number 4/08, a welding journal issued by the International Institute of Welding in France. The article was published on five pages and was based on a diploma thesis titled „The resistance spot welding of the dissimilar materials“ which was successfully argued by Ivan Maček, an employee of Iskra, to his mentor dr. Diaci and his co-mentor, dr. Polajnar.

sodobna klimatizacija

In Iskra MIS, the instruments business unit at Otoče, the production premises were renovated and air-conditioning systems were installed.

Poslovna šola Iskra

The employees of Iskra are listening to Sergeja Planko, M.Sc., in Iskra’s Business School.

Slika 1

900 ethernet switches delivered to the Iskra Sistemi warehouse. Marketing Project Manager is smiling with satisfaction because January is becoming almost traditionally one of the months of the highest turnover.

Bohar in slušatelji

Marko Bohar from Iskra Sistemi and the students of the Vocational College Celje, Mechatronics

Smučišče v zimski idili

Ski centre Bela in Bela Krajina, managed by the company Iskra Kondenzatroji.


Iskra Sistemi has hosted a business visit from Russian delegation (from left to right): Andrej Anatoljevič Plotnikov , Marina Fjodorovna Kuznetsova, Ina Anatoljevna Ionova, Vladimir Ivanovič Vasiljev, Olga Vladimirovna Pogodina.

Imam idejo

The Iskra MIS company has created a neat form inviting their employees to be creative and innovative.